I have been a Beauty Therapist for 23 years, have worked in Spa’s and Salon’s and more so in the recent years 9 years have worked for myself. This has ment that I can work in the Therapies that light me up, that I am passionate about and know will help so many people.
Around 23 years ago I slipped my coxic’s while doing a home yoga video (I go to classes now) the pain was beyond words; even now after 3 children the pain is worse the child birth. I had to confess this to a man once, (who was in the same pain, which was just as painful).
My mum suggested that I go and see our family friend Pauline who does The Bowen Technique; at this point I was willing to give anything ago. I am the sort of person that would rather try a therapy than take pain killers. So along I went not know really what to expect as it is a hard treatment to explain, and I can’t really remember much about that first treatment. I do remember the pain was worse after (as I hobbled around my brothers 18th Birthday party that evening) but from my experience as a therapist I know sometimes it gets worse before it gets better and that there is a 4 day healing process. I had those initial treatments and have never looked back.
This is why with The Bowen Technique it is advice that treatments are done with 3 consecutive treatments, at least 5 days apart but no more than 10, at which point some people are pain free and others need an ongoing treatment plan.
Here is a review from a guy that I treated. He had had sever neck pain for years and had tried everything and after 3 consecutive treatments with me this was his result.
“After exhausting all avenues to resolve my neck pain, I found Sally and the Bowen technique. I had constant pain in my neck from my desk job and a sporting injury for years and was at a point when I was not able to remember not having pain on a daily basis. After 3 or 4 sessions of Bowen, Sally has cured it and I can honestly say that the pain has totally gone. I could not recommend Sally highly enough to anyone with neck pain. A genuinely skilled Bowen practitioner and a welcoming and warm person.”

I still have regular treatments of Bowen now with Pauline who is 86 years old and simply amazing. I have had regular Bowen since that very first day. More so in the last 12 years as it helped me through each of my pregnancies, through injury and illness. I trained started training in The Bowen Technique in 2014 and completed in 2015 and will be doing a refresher at some point in 2020.
I have helped so many people with it, I have a couple of regular clients one of which is only 14! So Yes Bowen is for everyone, it is a none invasive fascia release treatment, that can be adapted for everyone and I mean everyone.
I would so love to help more people with this unrated and unknown treatment. So if you would like to know more, or even give it a go yourself, please get intouch; I would be honoured to help you with this amazing technique.