Last weekend I jetted off to Sunny Newport to train in a new massage technique called No Hands Massage.
When I have said this to people they have said ‘how do you do that?’ ‘is it done to music?’ ‘how can you massage without your hands?’
For me I chose the course because none of us are getting any younger (did you not know this) and the amount of massage that I do, is starting to take a toll on my hands, wrists and shoulders. I am not in a position where it is bad at the moment. But I also don’t want to get to that state where I feel like that and what I love becomes painful.
I learnt the Bowen Technique to help with this, however (I need to market better, see previous blog) but people still want a massage. So, I felt that I needed to learn a way to a massage that took less of toll on me that was still enjoyable and got the same; if not better results and feelings. All whilst looking after me!
No Hands Massage is about using the fleshy part of your forearm, (so the underside of it) this is co ordination with using your body weight, and a relaxed hand, so that the pressure is kind and acts as an amazing tool. This tool offers firm pressure but not comprising your joints. It’s about lowering your couch, moving around your client in a more fluid movements, not over stretching; so as not to comprise your back, and using the new tools in a relaxed manor, so as not to tense up.
It made me step out of my comfort zone with some of the aspect of the course, a lot of the beauty therapy course I go on are just not like that. But actually, they were a very productive part of the course, something that I should be doing on a daily basis and very productive for me and what I need to do to stay well (must still do this)
I have a long list of courses’ that I hope to attend next year, so that I can continue to work with people and their problems they have with there muscles and joints, but using techniques that are kinder to me.
I have found a love for learning and developing my skills, so that not only you as the client can benefit, I do too.
Next course is Indian Head Massage, and I cannot wait, blog to follow!