Welcome to my first ever blog!

And also welcome to my wonderful new website!

So here’s a bit about me……My Name is Sally and I qualified as  Beauty therapist in 1997/8 at Trowbridge College, Wiltshire. I got my first job in a Health Farm (we would now call it a spa) and I hated it. I was not cut out to be a beauty therapist at 18. I needed to go and do other things…so my other passion was singing and dancing.

I got my first job with Haven Holidays as a Red Coat (or deck chair Coat as our colours were red, yellow and blue) as a children entertainer, with one song in a weekly cabaret show. I progressed from Haven to P.O and then Pontins and on then to several other British holiday destinations, where I changed from a children entertainer to a singer dancer (yes!); with also a stint in Alcodia and Majorca.  And I did this for around 6 years until I settled in Barnstaple North Devon and came back to my beauty roots slowly.

I return to Melksham in 2005 and in time got a Job as Beauty Therapist at a local Beauty Salon in 2006. This was a fab job where I grew in my skills and my confidence; and as a person. I had both my Son Jack and my Son Harry whilst working there and went through my divorce. As part of the whole everything needs to change when you are going through a divorce (a whole other story) I decided to leave this salon in 2010. I then had two disastrous salon jobs; one where my face didn’t fit and the other one was (little did I know) about to close and did so in December 2010.

So with my last pay packet I set up on my own Mobile Beauty Business – ALL ABOUT ME in January 2011 and I have not looked back. Don’t get me wrong being self-employed is not easy, I have had high and lows and some of those lows have been very low. I have had another son Toby so sort of took maternity leave. I have made mistakes; I have trained in fantastic new therapies; and I have met some other amazing therapist that I now work closely with.

There are days when I really worry about my business and there are other days, when I can see I am going to be ok for the next month or so; which feels great. I love what I do, but finding a balance between work and life very difficult. I am so very proud of what I have achieved (3 children, home, Business and I run half Marathons) but I cannot wait to see what is to come.

So there you go that is a snap shot of me and my career.  I am down to earth, and a people person; I where my heart on my sleeve and my family is my life.